Tournament Materials and Gameplay Rules

i. Players are expected to bring at least one copy of all unit, upgrade, command, and battle cards used in their list.

ii. Players’ mini should be assembled and recognizable as their unit type. Units should be made readily distinguishable from each other.

iii. Proxy and third party minis are acceptable so long as the replacement mini fits the profile of the original unit. Challenges and questions to the TO.

iv. Units which have an exhausted ability, wound token, suppression, or other token must have it clearly marked either by a token on the unit, or the use of the appropriate card.

v. Rolling a red defense die is an acceptable resolution short of calling the TO to resolve a dispute. If both players agree, then the blue player will roll a red defense dice. On a shield, they are successful and on any other result their opponent is successful. Both players must agree to the roll before it is made. If players cannot agree, they should call the TO. The TO may still roll a red defense die to resolve the dispute.

vi. TO ruling are final. The TO is the arbitrator of any discussion.

vii. Order Tokens:
a. Third party tokens permitted. All order tokens, regardless of origin, must be identical in size, weight, shape, and feel and with no distinguishing marks or coloration. Cases are permitted so long as they adhere to the rules outlined above.

b. Each player’s order tokens must be arranged in a randomized stack or placed into an opaque bag after orders are issued each game round.

viii. When there are fifteen minutes left in the round, the players will finish their current round, and not begin another; unless there are three or fewer activations remaining in the current round.

Updated 27 May 2019


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